Sage Melcer serves as the International Service Chair for Rotaract DC

On September 19th, 2015 the Rotaract Club of Washington D.C. participated in the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Day at the Anacostia River. 
ICC is a day where thousands of people all over the world flock to beaches, rivers, parks, or any public place to remove garbage. This international event not only promotes environmental stewardship, but also promotes community well being, which can be seen in the wide ranges of age, race, and religion that come together to participate. The following are some of the cleanup results gathered from Anacostia alone:

Volunteers: 250

Pounds collected: 1,601

Distance covered: roughly 1 mile

Most prevalent items:

1.      Foam pieces (less than 2.5 cm): 2,091

2.      Plastic beverage bottles: 1,633

3.      Food Wrappers: 1,214

4.      Cups & Plates (Foam): 1,076

5.      Plastic pieces (less than 2.5 cm): 1,071


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